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The Georgetown Divide Recreation District (GDRD) was created by the voters of the district on November 8, 1988, with the expressed purpose of providing recreational sites, facilities and programs. The GDRD boundaries are quite extensive, nearly coterminous with the Black Oak Mine Unified School District. The district covers about 412 square miles or nearly 23% of the entire area of El Dorado County, although only about 40% of that area is populated (current estimated population is 9,000 to 10,000). The GDRD is minimally funded by a "tax increment" and plans to pursue additional funding through a special parcel tax or other type of fee or assessment in the near future. The GDRD is always in pursuit of available grant funding, and a minor amount of revenue will be realized from Quimby Act fees, which are imposed upon new parcel splits and subdivisions. The GDRD is continually striving to be responsive to the needs and desires of the residents and property owners within the district.

From the above introduction to the 1992 GDRD Master Plan comes our Mission Statement:

The Georgetown Divide Recreation District is committed to providing recreational opportunities that will enhance the quality of life in our community. This requires the District to acquire, develop, maintain, and operate parks, recreational facilities and programs, and to preserve and protect our area's natural and historic resources for current and future generations.

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